Bridging Finance

Bespoke, professional and effective, we are a leading broker for bridging finance with a reputation for service and the ability to get deals done. Bridging loans can provide bespoke solutions to borrowers in a wide variety of circumstances. Every bridging loan is different and each case presents its own challenges, and every borrower has their own priorities. We work hard to understand exactly what’s required with every proposal, and a dedicated case manager ensures that your client’s loan proceeds smoothly and completes on time.When speed is essential: Bridging the gap between purchase and sale, Raising working capital, Downsizing, Portfolio restructuring Term facility repayment Asset purchase & / or refinance

Refurbishment Loans

This product helps when a property doesn’t currently meet Buy to Let criteria and the property needs either a light or full refurbishment. Maybe the property has been purchased from an auction and it’s not in a “lettable” condition.

Second Charge Bridging

We offer second charge bridges on all types of properties, which means we can lend even if the borrower has an existing mortgage. We can even offer a second charge if the first mortgage has arrears.

  • We can use more than one property by cross charging against another property
  • Rates from 0.49%

Regulated Bridging

Most bridging is unregulated as it is secured on an asset that is not your main residence. We can deal with regulated cases and assist in raising money on your current residence or even assisting with a purchase if there are delays with your mortgage.

If you are moving and can not wait to sell your existing home, or if you require funds to make improvements to the property before you apply for a mortgage.

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Auction Bridging

What is auction finance?

Auction finance is simply another term for bridging or short term finance. It is used to purchase properties at auction because it can be arranged extremely quickly and fits neatly into the purchasing timescales of the auction houses.

Refinancing Bridging

Perhaps you’ve just finished a new build or a block of flats and need money to start your next project? A bridging loan can allow you to quickly pull capital out of your existing property.

We can offer re-bridging loans or term loans to exit the original loan

Land Bridging

We can lend on land with or without planning permission up to 50% of the value. It may be for a self build property to live in, or it could be for commercial use.

Commercial Bridging

We can offer commercial loans on all types of commercial property e.g. offices, shops, warehouses, land etc. The security can be property you own already or which you intend to buy. We can also give you a commercial loan to give your business a cashflow injection for purchasing equipment, stock or even a VAT Bill. In fact any reason whatsoever.

Key Features:
  • Unregulated loans
  • 1st / 2nd and combination charges
  • Residential and mixed use security property
  • No upper age limit
  • No ERCs after 1st month
  • Interest calculated daily
  • Rolled interest facility
  • Fees can be added to the loan
  • Over 200 lenders in the newtwork
  • Loans from £10,000 to £50,000,000

Residential Bridging

We offer residential bridging on all types of residential properties. The security can either be property you already own or intend to buy.

You will require an exit of either selling or refinance

The main reasons to use bridging loans are:-

  • To raise finance quickly
  • To refurbish a property
  • To finish a development
  • To buy at auction
  • To purchase property that would not secure a mortgage in its existing condition with a mainstream lender
  • To bridge a shortfall of funding between buying and selling property when a sale is delayed
  • To raise a deposit for purchasing property

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