Secured Loans - Rates from 2.9%, with no upfront fees!

Secured Loans

A secured loan, also known as a second charge mortgage, is a loan that is secured against a property that is already mortgaged. It works in the same way as a mortgage and the application process is the same.

If you’ve been refused a further advance or a re-mortgage on your property, a secured loan offers you another route to raising funds. Lenders offering secured loans are usually more flexible than mortgage providers and therefore if you have a less than perfect credit record, a secured loan might just be the answer. We can consider clients with bad credit history. If your existing mortgage is on a low rate, you may not want to re-mortgage the entire borrowing to a new lender, at what may be a higher rate.

You may face redemption penalties if you take your mortgage away from the current mortgage lender, which negates any benefit in such a change. A secured loan avoids both situations by leaving the existing mortgage untouched, securing the new loan behind it.

If left in our reputable hands, you can rest assured you will be provided with a deal that best suits your needs, with instant quotes.


Subject to your personal circumstances, secured loan key features include:

• Rates from 2.9%
• Borrow £5,000 to £2.5m
• LTV up to 100%
• Flexible lending
• Independent from existing mortgage
• Residential, Buy to Let & Commercial property accepted
• All types of credit history considered (CCJ’s, Arrears & Defaults)

Second charge mortgages from 5.1% APRC. Second charge mortgage representative example (If you choose to add fees to the loan).Assumed borrowing of £35,000 over 120 months, plus a broker fee of £2,870 and lender fee of £367.50 would result in monthly repayments of £476.14, the borrowing rate is 8.6%, the APRC is 11%.

Rates from only 2.9% APR
No impact on credit score
Tailor-made for you
Poor Credit Rating Considered

Guaranteed Best Rates Available

We believe in the best possible service, for both yourself and your client. We will guarantee that your client will have the lowest possible rate for their circumstances. Always giving the best possible service will put a smile on the face of our clients.
Borrow £5,000 to £2,000,000
Loan terms from 3 to 30 years
Wide range of lenders
Exclusive products

Reason to choose a Secured Loan

If you need to borrow a large amount

Personal loans are usually only available up to £25,000, so a secured loan or homeowner loan is a good option if you require a larger sum of money, as long as you have a realistic repayment plan.

Keep your low rate mortgage and avoid hefty exit fees

Should you have a low rate mortgage it may not be possible to remortgage to an equivalent or lower rate, plus some lenders may charge hefty exit fees.

Loans for any purpose, including business use.

Secured loans can be used for most legal purposes. Due to the larger loan amounts and longer repayment terms available popular loan purposes can be home improvement, home extensions and debt consolidation.

Loan on your Home
Loan on a BTL
Can be used for business use
Used for any purpose

Dedicated Support

Our advisors will work hard to try and find you the most suitable option from our range of standard variable, tracker and fixed rate secured loans, based on your needs and circumstances. They will also offer transparent information about any fees that apply to your secured loan and what they mean to you, and your future plans.

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